Town Owned Grinder Pump Program


The Cohasset Sewer Commission initiated a program to transfer the grinder pumps which were installed by the town in the late 1990s to the individual property owners. A 10 year parts and labor warranty was maintained by Cohasset with Interon, the grinder pump manufacturer, to ensure product performance during that previous period. The warranty expired in 2010 and since the new sewer projects did not include grinder pumps, the Sewer Commission plans to put all owners on the same basis.

To facilitate this transition of ownership, the Sewer Commission began a retrofit process that includes replacing old Interon pumps with new E-One pumps that have a new 5 year warranty - similar to the new Little Harbor units. This transition is included as part of the Town Owned Grinder Pump Program with the intent to upgrade the remaining 258 Interon pumps prior to the transfer of ownership to all homeowners.